A Systematic Literature Review Method On AES Algorithm for Data Sharing Encryption On Cloud Computing

(1) * Taufik Hidayat Mail (Universitas Wiralodra, Indonesia)
(2) Rahutomo Mahardiko Mail (Platinumetrix Pte. Ltd, Indonesia)
*corresponding author


Cloud computing is one revolution in information technology (IT) that can share resources, services and data through a network among users. Because users have same rights on the network to transfer data, data are vulnerable to be attacked by unauthorized person. Lately, data security in a system only concentrates on data storage on cloud by utilizing internet security, but a little concentration is found during data transfer. By considering security as a serious problem, an encryption-based proposed system is presented to secure during data transfer. Authors propose an approach to boost system security during data transfer in order to prevent data theft by unauthorized person. To prevent an attack by unauthorized person, Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) will be proposed to secure data transfer and storage in cloud computing. For better future, authors will propose Systematic Literature Review (SLR) to generate suggestions and opportunities in AES cloud computing.


cloud computing; encryption; data sharing; AES Algorithm; systematic literature review




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