(1) * Damiasih Damiasih Mail (Ambarrukmo College of Tourism Yogyakarta, Indonesia)
(2) Berlin Anrianti Mail (Ambarrukmo College of Tourism Yogyakarta, Indonesia)
*corresponding author


This article or writing aims to, 1) identify the potential and development of Kalibiru natural tourism, 2) assess the suitability of ecotourism development in the Kalibiru tourist area, and 3) develop a strategy for managing Kalibiru natural tourism for future plans. The problem is focused on the people of Kalibiru who are very dependent on the existence of the surrounding forest. The permit granted by the government for the use of community forests is the basis for the Kalibiru Nature Tourism organization in terms of the use of environmental services in protected forests. Proper management must be applied to prevent and reduce future side effects. To meet the needs of tourists, it is hoped that they will be able to develop ecotourism management so that they can meet the needs of tourists while still preserving nature. In order to approach this problem, theoretical references are used from natural attractions and tourism potential. The data were collected through the research data collection method by observing the assessment variables, collecting secondary data and interviews. The data that has been obtained will be processed and analyzed qualitatively. This study concludes that, 1) Kalibiru natural tourism has potential/feasible to be developed on condition that it continues to make improvements as well as improvements, especially in the accommodation, marketing and market share sectors so that tourism development can be maximized. 2) Kalibiru nature tourism is suitable for implementing ecotourism development, and 3) the strategies undertaken to develop Kalibiru ecotourism are categorized into 3 aspects, namely human resource development




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