An Embedded Fuzzy Logic Based Application for Density Traffic Control System

(1) * Ajao Lukman Adewale Mail (Department of Computer Engineering, Federal University of Technology, Minna, Nigeria)
(2) Ajao Falilat Jumoke Mail (Department of Computer Science, Kwara State Universty, Molete, Ilorin, Nigeria)
(3) Mutiu Adegboye Mail (Department of Computer Engineering, Federal University Oye-Ekiti, Nigeria)
(4) Abideen Ismail Mail (Department of Computer Engineering, University of Maiduguri, Nigeria)
*corresponding author


The control of density traffic at cross junction road usually manned by human efforts or implementation of automatic traffic light system. This system seem and proves to be inefficient with some challenges. The major constraints of this traffic control are as a result of the inability of most traffic control systems to assign appropriate waiting time for vehicles based on the lane density. Also with little or no consideration for pedestrians, emergency and security agents priorities. In view of this, an intelligent density traffic control system using  (fuzzy logic) which is capable of providing priority to the road users based on the density and emergency situations was developed and presented in this paper. This system will obtain the approximate amount of vehicle and presence of pedestrians respectfully on each lane with help of Infrared Sensors (IR) and siren detection system for emergency and security road users. The working principle of this system depending on the logic inputs rules given into the processing unit by the (sensors, S1 and S2) which helps the system to generates a timing sequence that best suit the number of vehicles and pedestrians available on the lane at point in time.


Approximate quantity; Automatic traffic light; Emergency; Fuzzy logic; Infrared sensor; Pedestrians; Siren detection system



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