Solution Search Simulation The Shortest Step On Chess Horse Using Breadth-First Search Algorithm

Ade Bastian(1*),

(1) Universitas Majalengka
(*) Corresponding Author


Horse seed in the chess board movement resembles the letter L. The chess pieces are one of a very hard-driven beans and seeds are often also the most dangerous if not carefully considered every movement. Simulation of this problem provides a chess board size n x n. Target (goal) of this problem is to move a horse beans of a certain position on a chess board position to the desired destination with the shortest movement simulates all possible solutions to get to the goal position. This problem is also one of the classic problems in artificial intelligence (AI). Settlement of this problem can use the help system and tree production tracking.

Therefore, designed a simulation applications by utilizing several techniques of simulation programming and Breadth-First Search method. With this method, all nodes will be traced and the nodes at level n will be visited first before visiting the nodes at level n + 1. The purpose of this study is to design a software that is able to find all the solutions for the shortest movement toward the goal position by using the system of production and tracking tree.

Results from this paper is that the software is able to find all solutions shortest movement a horse beans from the initial position to the goal position and displays the simulation of the movement of the horse in the chess board.


Chess Horse, Breadth First Search, Simulation

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